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Now located in West Barnstable, MA., Panamaquono has been a business since 2002.

My name is Joe Lundeen, I have been a Web Designer since 2004 and a Musician since the late 20th century. I started playing drums in a band a few years back, luckily we played well together and started to book shows. When approaching bars and clubs they all usually had a common question: "Where can I see some of your stuff?", and so, I built a website for the band, a facebook page, printed up some business cards to hand out and started recording videos of the band playing cover songs. Over the next few years I acquired enough instruments, amps and recording equipment to record a 5 piece band live, it's become an obsession. I've worked with several bands and solo acts on every project from recording an album to building a website. I've also thrown a couple shows, notably one at a local venue that drew over a hundred people.

If you're in a band and you're ready to put something together that you can market contact me using the form below, I can at least provide you with some insight. If you've already been making videos and you've found this page let me know that too! I'd love to hear from you.




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